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StupidBot was created for Global Game Jam 2015.

StupidBot is a "Runner" game with procedurally generated levels, with automated AI.

This is the initial version of the game. It was intended to be a different kind of "Runner" game. Where, instead of trying to assist the runner, the player would try to foil the runner who is attempting to complete the level. The runner in this game is called StupidBot.

In order to try and stick close to this year's theme Team StupidBot came up with the idea that to stop StupidBot the player would tap the platform tiles, except... These tiles must match the pattern queue on the left side of the screen. The pattern queue randomly generates. This combination of gameplay is supposed to lead the player to the recurring question of "What do I(we) do now?"

Every game design goal was met except for the spikes that we intended to come out of the blocks and decrement StupidBot's speed.