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StupidBot was created for Global Game Jam 2015.

StupidBot is a "Runner" game with procedurally generated levels, with automated AI.

This version of the game is called the zero player version becase the player is not required in order to complete the game. This version evolved in part because many of the features for the initial version of the game were scrapped due to a lack of polish or being fully completed. There was however an option added for the player to be able to trigger StupidBot's jumps via the space key so that those who want to play the game can provide some input.

The intent with this version of the game is to lead the player towards the theme of this years GGJ by causing them to ask "What do we do now?". The response is: "Nothing!". A zero player game is not something many gamers are familiar with and because of that this creates unease with the players. By causing the player to reflect on this through this mechanism we feel that the theme has been met adequately.